Guest Blog - Lou Valerio - An exciting week

An Exciting Week: A Guest Blog By Lou Valerio

The other day, I heard these lyrics on my iPod and thought, “Wow, this is the love song I feel in my heart for my parents”. My love for them is a never ending love that stands the test of time. For the past few months now Mom and Dad have been doing very well and their situation has been stable. These are the times I pray for.

Caregivers know to take pleasure in these times because our next challenges may very well be around the corner. During times like this, it is great to reflect and appreciate every day we still share together. As I get my second wind and spend a little more time in the gym taking care of myself I am full of happiness. Right now I can see beyond the pain, fear and suffering. Today, we are all well and grateful for it.

This month brings some exciting things for my parents. Today, Mom, some of her resident friends, and I will be reading over and selecting the winner of the Daniel and Lucille Valerio Volunteer Award. I know she is looking forward to this task. Trust me, these octogenarians will not take this job lightly. This is a generation that knows the meaning of responsibility.

We have exciting and busy times ahead. Mom’s 87th birthday is April 29th. The very next evening, I will be presenting the award named for her and my father to a well deserving GlamourGal volunteer!!

My thoughts as always are with each and every care giver out there. Be strong, stay healthy and be at peace.