Growing Through Service

Emma Jackson, president of our UNC Wilmington chapter, writes about why GG visits are so important to both volunteers and seniors.

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As we continue to build a solid foundation with the senior home we have been volunteering at over the past several months, the relationships between the volunteers and the residents have grown. I can see how, for many of the residents, this is more than just an opportunity to get their nails or makeup done. Most of the time, they cannot even believe we are there on our own time to provide these services for them.

For me, that is such a bittersweet thought. These women deserve so much more than the hour or two we are able to give them, yet they are so inspiring in the way they view our short time together as a meaningful part of their lives. Through continued service we can show these women how much they mean in our lives, too, through the relationships we are able to build with them.

Volunteering and visiting is a chance for us to show these residents how valuable they truly are. I can only hope that takeaway is something that transcends the makeover.

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