GLTI through the eyes of Samiha

November 22, 2014 was the 11th annual GLTI and was my first GLTI. I had to wake up really early in the morning but was very excited to get there. We got there late but immediately settled in. We were taken to the main room to listen to inspiring speakers like Lauren Berger, Shallon Lester, Denise Scott etc. They inspired me a lot and I will always remember what I learned from them. I will always remember that Lauren Berger said that we should take a no and turn it into a yes.

I will remember to be compassionate and persistent in everything I do.

We also had workshops with the groups we were assigned and had to make PSAs to spread the #GGMovement. I really enjoyed making this PSA with my group for a great cause. We also learned makeup techniques and tips from BeautiControl and tested some products. We wrote thank you letters to the speakers and group leaders to end the day. Overall, it was so much fun and I really look forward to another GLTI next year.

- Samiha, GG Volunteer