GLTI 2018: Lasting Impressions

Aisha Hashmi, vice president of the Susan E. Wagner High School chapter, shares her takeaways from GLTI 2018 that have stuck with her months later.

GLTI was such a wonderful experience. Although this event was back in November, I vividly remember it as if it were yesterday. It was a pleasure to hear motivational speakers who recognized us for the changes that we are making in the world through our involvement in exceptional programs such as GlamourGals. Jayde Lovell, from TYT Network, spoke to us and emphasized the importance of STEM. She explained how almost every single career is related to it in some way. The most inspirational thing that she said that day was, “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go with a team.” That stood out to me because I always used to dread group work in high school. Some people didn’t contribute and unfortunately, one person ended up doing everything. However, the girls in my chapter for GlamourGals always made me feel differently about working with a group. Over time, I realized they weren’t just an ordinary group of girls. We all had so much in common. We shared similar qualities such as kindness, integrity, diligence, and benevolence. They started to feel like family members after just a few meetings.

The girls in my chapter truly personify love and exemplify dedication. It is such a pleasure to attend meetings and know that everyone is benefitting by being a part of the program. We all feel a sense of satisfaction the minute we walk through the doors of the senior homes that we volunteer at. We know that we can make someone else’s day by simply talking to them and expressing our admiration of their compelling stories. Therefore, Jayde Lovell’s quote really stood out to me. As a team, we have accomplished so much and we have come so far from where we began. We truly epitomize teamwork and perfection. In my freshman year of high school, we had a small number of volunteers. Today, we have more volunteers than we ever did in the past.


I also had the honor to speak with the Intern Queen. She interviewed me and asked me questions about my chapter and how the journey started for me. I was so excited to speak to her.

Towards the very end, we were able to write cards to people in our own lives. I wrote a card to my mom, and I remember when she received it in the mail. It came off as a surprise at first, but she was so touched by everything I had to say about her. She is my role model, so I was thankful to be able to appreciate her through the help of GlamourGals.

Overall, GLTI was one of my favorite events that I have attended as a member of GlamourGals.

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