This year, we had a boy ask if he could join our GlamourGals chapter.  Of course, our immediate answer was yes.  But we wanted to make our special volunteer comfortable, and not feel like he had to be considered a "gal."  So, we revised our chapter name permanently to "GlamourGals and their Pals" to make our friend Paul feel fully included.

Truthfully, changing our name and bringing Paul on our trips has been amazing, since he plays the guitars in front of all of the women while singing.  One of my friends, Anita, sat in front of Paul for and hour and a half while he was playing, and it was absolutely amazing!

We are so glad Paul is an active member of the group to sooth the mood and make the ladies feel comfortable as their nails get painted.

And this week, one of the women shared that her son is a conductor at Juilliard after Paul played.   How cool!

- Ashley R.,  Chapter President from New York