GlamourGals Foundation Launches Inaugural GG Fellowship Program

GlamourGals Foundation Launches Inaugural GG Fellowship Program:

Former Correspondents will have the opportunity to apply for the coveted experience


New York, NY (Sept. 13, 2012) - The GlamourGals Foundation (GG) introduced the GG Fellowship Program on September 4, 2012. The two fellows chosen to participate in the program are Kira West and Eghosa Asemota, both correspondents for GG this past summer. The program completes an important piece of the GlamourGals cycle of mentorship and leadership opportunities.

“The GG Fellowship Program is an opportunity to bring relevant experiences to a college student and continue past volunteers’ involvement in the GG program,” said Rachel Doyle, Founder and President of GlamourGals.

As the first fellows in the program, both Eghosa and Kira welcome the chance to take on new challenges at GlamourGals.

“It’s exciting,” Kira said. “Not only because it’s an amazing opportunity, but because the work that we do as fellows is going to set the stage for future fellows.”

Kira is currently a sophomore at Cornell University and her first experience working with the foundation was this summer.

“Before [the makeover], the mission was sort of words on a page,” Kira explained. “When I went to the first makeover and connected with the volunteers and the women, I really understood why GlamourGals is necessary.”

Despite the fact that Kira is new on the GG scene, she brings the same level of passion and professionalism to the table as Eghosa, who has been volunteering since high school. Currently a student at Adelphi University, Eghosa first volunteered four years ago as a sophomore at her high school in Jamaica, NY. By the time she was a senior, she was president of her high school’s GG chapter, with over 100 volunteers.

“The biggest thing I’m getting right now [as a fellow] is time management, prioritizing, making to-do lists,” she said. “The combination of being in school and having this fellowship is giving me a lot of experience when it comes to that.”

At the end of her senior year, she was the 2011 recipient of the Glammy Award, an experience which had a significant impact on Eghosa.

“[Receiving the Glammy Award] encouraged me and motivated me, that you can excel,” Eghosa said. “I still have the award in my dorm room, I see it every day and it tells me that commitment goes a long way.”

For Rachel and the rest of the GlamourGals team, announcing the fellows for the first year of the program is an exciting, gratifying moment.

“So many times during the day you’re thinking, ‘Am I really making an impact?’ ‘Am I really making a difference?’” Rachel explained. “When you’re able to check off something on your list that says, ‘I’m going to invest in the future of my past correspondents and keep them involved and engaged in such a fruitful way for them, as well as for the organization,’ that is extremely rewarding.”

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