"Never go a day without making someone smile."

GlamourGals brings kindness and selflessness into my community, and brings out the best in everyone who is apart of it. Personally, I have grown as a person and now have more respect, compassion, and love for others. GlamourGals has given me the opportunity to create relationships, hear stories, and grow in a way that I may never have known. 

Being president of my school’s chapter has taught me extremely valuable life lessons that I will carry throughout all of my endeavors in life, [including] organization skills, how to be an effective but compassionate leader, and how to go above and beyond. My mission this year was to be able to have numerous events, so that meaningful relationships could be built. The foundation of our chapter really lies on the strong bonds that we share with the senior residents, and I wanted to honor that.

One instance, I visited a 95 year old woman named Marie for her birthday on a Saturday. Marie and I had met only once, but from the moment I talked to her, I knew she was a special lady. The wisdom and beauty that radiated from her, along her with Italian wit and lively spirit, instantly made me want not only to learn from her, but also for us become companions. When she saw me, standing in the doorway with my gift of a little plant, her face lit up. Although she suffered from memory loss and did not exactly remember me, the sight of another visitor brightened her birthday. She made me realize just how much of an impact our presence makes. I only hope that one day, she can understand how much of an impact she has had on me. 

I have decided to take my passion of Interior Design, and combine that with my yearning to make a difference, [and become] a Disney Imagineer. Through this job, I can spread happiness and compassion through the designs of exhibits and attractions. The reason why I aspire to be a Disney Imagineer, a very difficult occupation to break into, is because of my experiences as a GlamourGals volunteer. The lessons that I have learned from the residents -- work hard on getting an education, aim to be happy in everything you do, never stop dreaming, and (most importantly) never forget the people that helped you to get there -- have fueled my aspirations. I now know that no dream is too big, and that whatever I set my mind to I can accomplish. My biggest goal in life was created by GlamourGals: to never go a day without making someone smile. 

-Gina, GG volunteer in New York &
Chapter President Glammy Scholarship Award finalist