GG Presents A New Type of Leader

This week’s blog comes from Clementina from the Benjamin N. Cardozo High School Chapter. She shares the emotional impact that the “GG Presents a New Type of Leader” video had on her.


Watching the GG YouTube video demonstrates why GG is so important and how it changes people's emotional state. It made me much more inspired to keep on doing what I do as a volunteer.

I believe that any volunteer, after watching that video, will feel good about themselves when it comes to the difference they’re making with the seniors. I always knew that the seniors in Nursing homes don't have a lot of visitors, but I didn't know that 60% of seniors don’t receive visitors. That just broke my heart and my mom's too while we watched the video together.

I am so proud of all the people who are involved in such a beautiful cause. I thank Rachel for founding such an amazing organization. I have so much respect for her for keeping up with GG for the last 19 years! It is really great. I'm just happy to be apart of this journey! I recommend that everyone watches this video because it is so inspirational!

GlamourGals volunteers have been visiting senior homes across the country for the last 19 years. Bringing nail polish, some blush, and a lot of great conversations these volunteers brighten up the day of so many seniors who do not receive visitors.
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