GG Alumna Nekita Singh

A former high school GlamourGals volunteer, Nekita Singh has remained close to the GG mission. In college, Nekita attended a MegaMakeover, where she reconnected with GG and started working as an intern in the national office. Now, she volunteers at GlamourGals events. Most recently, she served as the panel moderator at our 12th annual GlamourGals Leadership Training Institute.

As an intern in the GG National office, Nekita found many of the skills she learned as a volunteer were valuable. In particular, her hands-on experience with seniors at makeovers allowed her bring a volunteer’s perspective to the GG National team.

Nekita brought her communication skills to the app she is developing: Unify LMSW. As a part of a team of four students, Nekita has learned to “take a step back and evaluate” in order to be sure she and her teammates are making the best decision for their product.

Unify LMSW is a project Nekita entered in CUNY SmartPitch 2015, which provides support to social workers. Nekita, who plans to pursue her doctorate in social work, has always been interested in mental health, which is part of what drew her to GlamourGals.

As a GG intern, Nekita helped the GlamourGals team, but also learned problem-solving skills and how to take on real-world responsibility. She also built up her confidence. Now that she’s developing an app, Nekita has noticed that your “confidence grows as your business does.”

Nekita encourages GlamourGals volunteers to take advantage of their time in the organization and learn as much as they can!