2019 Glammy Finalist Blog Series: Gemma Franzetti, Public Relations Officer

Meet Gemma Franzetti, public relations officer and co-founder of the Mahopac High School Chapter and today’s Glammy Finalist Blog Series feature. Read on to learn about Gemma’s experience founding a chapter and why GlamourGals is important to her community.


Why is GlamourGals important to you and your community?

Being able to go into the community and meet and understand the elderly has truly changed my life. I would have never have thought that nails and makeovers could form a connection between the kids of today with the past generations. GlamourGals has taught me to be more respectful to others and listen when the urge to give advice is on the tip of my tongue. Our community has become more tight-knit, and it has also changed as the students of our school want to reach out to our elders and vice versa. The elderly look forward to our visits and conversations every time we come.

What is one instance where you went above and beyond your responsibilities as a leader?

The origins of the MHS GlamourGals chapter date back to our freshman year, where we organized our first nursing home visit, ordered supplies, found volunteers for visits, and learned how to paint nails on someone other than ourselves or our friends. I grew from this experience because I never really had such responsibility before and I had to learn how to cultivate my leadership skills to their best abilities in order to give the club its best shot. Leadership is something I have learned from GlamourGals by being able to see how much work [goes into] into being a leader and how to guide members of the club. As leaders, we have to be on all the time, and there is always work to do. GlamourGals has taught me the one-step at a time mindset, which allows me to complete everything task I need to do as wholeheartedly as possible and be able to channel positive leadership into every role.

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