Gaining Perspective

"It seemed like a simple club when I first joined freshmen year: I love painting nails and I like to volunteer. I did not expect the people at the residency to be so welcoming. One of the most important things I have gotten out of the club is a new perspective.

Whenever I enter the senior home, I picture myself in the future.

Listening to the ladies reflect on their lives and experiences has taught me to live my life to the fullest. They always seem so excited to share their life stories. This club has also taught me a different perspective: How the world has changed. At the beginning of senior year, I interviewed a lady in the retirement home for a psychology assignment I was doing for class. She was very open to being interviewed and her responses taught me a lot.

Living in a generation full of technology and social media, her reflections on her life taught me to appreciate the small things. When I asked who her hero was, she said a local politician. It was interesting because the teenagers I interviewed named a celebrity figure- even though they do not know them! The fact that she showed so much passion for this small, local figure in her life made me appreciate those around me more. This is what Glamour Gals means to me; gaining perspective."

- Laura, GG Volunteer from NC