5 Traits of a GG Volunteer

Going into her fourth year of service with GlamourGals, Alexandra Ramotar, president of the Commack chapter, reflects on five traits that she has cultivated in her time as a GG volunteer and leader. Reliability, compassion, organization, leadership, and resilience are just a few of the many life skills volunteers develop in the GG program.

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Since day one, when the club was reintroduced to Commack High School, I have attended every meeting and nearly every makeover, only missing when I was sick. My club advisor knows she can count on me; if she tells me about an event, she knows I'll be there.

To work with the elderly, you need a certain level of compassion and need to constantly treat everyone with respect. It takes patience and tolerance to spend an afternoon talking to someone you may not agree with, but it's your job as a volunteer to brighten their day.

Some days after school, I'll stop by my advisor’s room to do inventory of all our GG materials to make sure we're ready for the next makeover. It takes time to plan for open houses and organizing bulletin boards to advocate for the club.

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At club and officer meetings, it's my role as president to take charge and create the schedules to better run meetings. Also, under my own initiative as vice president last year, I worked on getting school funding to get a rolling bag to keep our makeup in. Since our club has expanded so much, we ran out of space in the regular GG tote. This bag helps us stay organized and makes doing inventory easier. I also proposed for our chapter to attend GLTI last year and everyone had a great time!

When the club was reintroduced, I was a freshman. There weren't a lot of people present, so I ran for secretary of the club. I ended up losing, but I stayed active as a member and ran again for secretary the next year and won. The following year, I became vice president. Now as a president, I can track my journey through the club and see how I've grown. I didn't let one loss in the beginning stunt my growth as a member in the club; I used it to motivate myself to become the best volunteer I could be.

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