First Makeover for West Hempstead Chapter

Our new chapter in West Hempstead, New York had their first makeover earlier this month. With ten volunteers and 16 senior residents - all of whom got manicures! - the event was a big success. This chapter was founded by Robin, an inspiring student who started her chapter after hearing from a GG alumna at a HOBY Leadership Seminar in June.

Check out these photos by their senior home, Atria Lynbrook! (You can check out the full album on their Facebook page!) 


"Our first makeover was an ultimate success. All of the seniors were so nice and we bonded with so many of them. One of the seniors was so grateful for us coming we couldn't believe it!

We focused mainly on nails for this visit and I think that gave us more time to actually have conversations with the seniors. They were all so sweet and were happy to talk to us."

-Robin, chapter president


Special thanks to the Women Helping Others Foundation for their support of new chapter development in 2016.