First Makeover for our Metuchen, NJ Chapter

Earlier this October, our new chapter in Metuchen, New Jersey had their first makeover. They had a great turnout with eight volunteers participating, and expect even more for their next visit. This chapter was founded by two sisters, Valentina and Victoria, with the help of their older sister, Felicia. Rather than recruiting volunteers from only one high school, they plan to recruit volunteers from around the area. Read on for some of their reflections from the day!


"Our first GG event was even better than I expected. The first woman I had the pleasure of meeting, Rochelle, was a bit quiet, but as her manicure progressed, she went on the tell me about how she grew up nearby in New Jersey and eventually became a teacher for children with handicaps and special needs. It takes a special person to be able to succeed so well at that job. During my last makeover of the day, I was at a table with some very talkative people. The woman who asked for her nails to be 'firetruck red' explained how she had went to Columbia University to study theater after I had been telling her about how stressful my own college application process has been. Her friend, David, was telling me about his favorite musicians and how the young people would do well to listen to some Frank Sinatra every once in a while. I look forward to seeing them all again at our next makeover." -Valentina, chapter co-president

14608932_812371755465948_7421669725311060724_o (1).jpg

"I had the opportunity of painting two women's nails and also giving one of them a facial. [...] The second woman, Jane, only preferred getting her nails done; she was very quiet at first. However, I found that once I finished painting her nails, conversation began to pick up. Before I knew it, Jane was telling me about her childhood in Pennsylvania, how she met her husband in Hawaii, and how she raised her family in Metuchen. Jane also mentioned how she attended Bucknell University, and, as I am a junior, am now interested to visit the campus and put it on my list of colleges to consider. It was truly a privilege to get to know her. I hope to continue creating bonds and talking to more seniors as my journey with GlamourGals continues." -Erin, chapter volunteer 

"I wasn't really sure what to expect going into it, and was definitely nervous whether or not I would be able to hold a conversation with whoever I was paired with. I painted the nails of a woman in the facility names Beverly. She was pretty quiet, but the woman sitting next to her had plenty to say for the both of them. Finding topics to discuss was a lot easier then I initially thought. I'm very excited for our next visit, and am hoping to see some familiar faces." -Hannah, chapter volunteer 

Special thanks to the Women Helping Others Foundation for their support of new chapter development in 2016.