First Makeover in Cleveland, Ohio

Our newest chapter, based in Cleveland, Ohio, had their first makeover this past weekend. This chapter was founded by a volunteer who attended a GlamourGals MegaMakeover at at HOBY Leadership Seminar in June. Read on for some of their reflections from the day!

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"All of the looks on the residents' faces after I did their nails or makeup was so happy - it made me feel happy too. To know that I did something so cool like use my time to do service made me feel useful!" -Jadalise, chapter volunteer 

"I really bonded with the first woman I gave a manicure to. We talked about things from homecoming to careers. She was so sweet and kind, by the end of the manicure I felt like I had known her for years! I am really hoping my chapter makes a second visit to this particular retirement community, because this woman's heart and presence touched my heart in an unexplainable way. I cannot wait to update her on everything I talked with her about during my visit. It is amazing how bonds can be formed so quickly between chapter members and [seniors]." -Alexis, chapter vice president

" I would have to say that my favorite part of the event was seeing how happy all the women were after their manicures/makeovers! Knowing that I was able to impact someone like that and make their day means a lot to me!" -Ashley, chapter volunteer

"I think the most inspiring part of this experience for me was to hear residents stories of what Cleveland was like when they were kids and when the residents shared inspiring and funny stories from their life." -Lily, chapter volunteer

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DSC_0781 (1).jpg

"Coming into not only my first event, but our chapter's first event, I had no clue what to expect. Questions like "What kind of people am I going to encounter?" and "What if I can't connect with someone who needs it?" were buzzing in my head for days. New can be nerve-wracking, but I know that it also leaves me in a place where I am open and able to any situation that may arise. 

My first manicure was with a lovely woman named Camille. Camille is a Cleveland native, and we talked the entire time about her family, her late husband, and about her wise and sagely advice. 'Simplicity and grace is the key to everything lovely and successful.' Without Camille knowing it, her words were exactly what I needed in my life. It's funny to think how people are placed in our lives at exactly the right time we most need. 

My second manicure and first makeover was with a quiet woman named Vivian. Although Vivian has a speech impediment that prevents verbal communication, her body language and smile more than sufficed for a dynamic conversation. She is a rebel at heart and choose an almond nail shape and a poppin'-bubble-gum pink nail polish that complemented her radiant golden skin.

Like Camille, Vivian appreciated simplicity in makeup, but wanted to spice things up with some fake eyelashes. Employees at the assisted living home knew about Viv's love for fake eyelashes, so they got their supply and applied the lashes. The way Vivian's face brightened up lit up the room. By the time I was all finished with her manicure and makeover, we had turned on the radio to listen to some music and Vivian took the dance floor by storm. We all gathered in a circle dancing with Vivian leading us in the center. 

Overall, we can all confidently say that our chapter's first event was a huge success. Every single person who came to get a manicure and/or makeover, every volunteer, and every employee left the room that day with a bright and giddy smile. That alone was more than I needed to know that we did our best and we succeeded beyond what we had set out to accomplish." 

-Sara, chapter PR officer

Special thanks to the Women Helping Others Foundation for their support of new chapter development in 2016.