New Chapter at Delsea Regional High School

Our new chapter at Delsea Regional High School had their first makeover earlier this month! This chapter was founded by Carley. There had been a GlamourGals chapter at Delsea that had not been active in a few years; Carley was inspired to start it up again after hearing about GlamourGals at a HOBY Leadership Seminar in this summer!

With about 25 volunteers at their first makeover, we are positive this chapter will be a success! Read to hear about those volunteers' first GlamourGals experiences.


"Everyone seemed to have a great time involving lots of laughs and manicures! We talked a lot with the senior ladies and they were all extremely wonderful. They all kept asking when our next makeover was! We had a fantastic first experience. " -Carley, chapter president

"Today I talked to a lady named June and learned that she played volleyball when she was in high school. June also told me that she dated the star football player, and sang opera. A numerous of times she stated how much joy she gets from seeing us, and that brightened my day a lot. GlamourGals is a great club because it allows students to meet new people and listen to old beautiful stories." -Maryssa, chapter volunteer

I had a great time tonight talking to the ladies and making them feel special and cared for. I always feel a sense of sadness for some of these people in the nursing home, but knowing that I get to give back to them makes me feel good." -Abby, chapter volunteer

"I was able to give a makeover to a woman named Marie Lou. I hope I see her again next time!" -Kaleygh, chapter volunteer

"[The makeover] went by fast, and I was sad to leave, but I'm glad we're going back soon!" -Ashley, chapter volunteer

"I loved doing this. It was so sweet to see these ladies and make their night memorable!!! I really can't wait to go back and see them all again. Something so simple as painting nails was a really heartwarming opportunity." -Breanna, chapter volunteer

Special thanks to the Women Helping Others Foundation for their support of new chapter development in 2016.