First Makeover in Over Two Years!

Allison Babilonia
Allison Babilonia

Today was my first makeover after 2 1/2 years of not being a part of GlamourGals. Going back to the senior home rekindled so many memories from when I first started volunteering at 10 years old. Although it has been so long since my last makeover, it felt like I never even left.

Coming back, it felt so natural for me to talk to the ladies and to do their makeovers. After being away from volunteering for GlamourGals I have realized that this organization holds a special place in my heart and I don't know what I would have done without it! I can tell this is going to be a very exciting year, especially since this year I was given the position of public relations officer for my chapter!

I met a beautiful woman named Mary. When she came into the room the first person she came to was me. All she said as she came in was, "I remember you! Were you at the Greek Festival last night?" Although I wasn't actually the person she saw at the Greek Festival, she insisted that I should do her nails.

Mary was such a hilarious lady and since we had a immediate connection, it was not hard to have such a good conversation. The 15 minutes I spent talking to Mary went so quickly I wish I had talked to her longer. I learned so much about her background and who Mary really was as a person.

The one thing that touched me the most was when Mary started to talk about her sister. Mary's sister had been battling cancer for three years and she has seen her sister become weaker and weaker each day. Unfortunately, Mary told me that they have to put her sister to rest this weekend. Although it will be very hard to let her sister go, Mary told me it would be worst to let her suffer.

"Spend time with your loved ones at any chance you get." This was the advice Mary gave me today, which I will cherish for the rest of my life.

-Allison B., GG volunteer on Staten Island