First Makeover as Chapter President

Gabriella Esposito

Gabriella Esposito

Today was my first makeover as our chapter's official president!! It was fun and exciting to see all the ladies after a long summer, it was also really exciting having new girls coming into the chapter and getting to share amazing experiences with them.

Even though I was a volunteer last year, and saw both my sisters be the president of my chapter, it is so surreal that now I am the president! I can't wait to make more memories and share experiences with my fellow volunteers and ladies!!

Today at the makeover, we went to the third floor of the home. We usually aren't sent to the third floor, so it was nice to meet all these new ladies and tell about GlamourGals. One lady I met was named Rosita, the sweetest lady I've ever meet.

She was telling me all about her childhood, and how she lived in Long Island with her 12 brothers and sisters. She then became a nun, and told me all about her journeys to Rome, and England. I was so happy I met Rosita, she made my day.

She said she would keep me in her prays, and I shall do the same.

-Gabriella E., GG volunteer on Staten Island