First GlamourGals Experience

Saturday was our chapter's first time visiting a senior home and our first time completing makeovers. The experience was unlike anything our small group expected. To say that we were nervous entering the home would be an understatement.

We had been preparing for this meeting for quite some time but, nonetheless, did not know what to expect. There was an extensive amount of forms, tests, and waiting that we had to go through prior to physically working with and interacting with the ladies. However, all of the groundwork was well worth it.

My first experience with a resident was not as blatantly life changing. Anyone who would have watched from afar as I painted Elaine's nails would have seen an awfully quiet interaction with little to no discussion. However, from my one on one perspective, the experience was incredibly moving. Elaine quietly sang along to Ave Maria as I painted her nails a vibrant hot pink.

Her caretaker found me later and told me that she had not stopped looking at her nails and smiling since she had been wheeled away twenty minutes before. I had been worried that she had not found the experience enjoyable considering our lack of communication, but hearing this caused that fear to dissipate.

I feel like it was important for me to learn early on in my GlamourGals experience that not every interaction will be easy and not every interaction will be filled with lively conversation and that that is okay.

Overall the day was incredibly enjoyable and I look forward to our return to the home.

-Charlotte, GG volunteer in New York City