"The one position I enjoy the most is at GlamourGals."

GlamourGals not only means service to me, but I see it as a source of leadership and character building. 

Running [a] GlamourGals [chapter] with over 30 volunteers in our chapter taught me the value of learning how to be an exceptional leader. I am not only the vice president of GlamourGals, but also of Model UN, Muslim Student Association, Historian of Health Professionals, and photographer for yearbook. All of these roles are pleasant to have but the one position I enjoy the most is at GlamourGals. I learned to tackle procrastination and become proactive [and] I see this position as an opportunity to spread kindness to the most vulnerable population.

Hearing, “My family rarely comes to visit me... Thank you so much for coming!” from our seniors is why I try my best to make sure the young girls I lead feel inspired. The community forgets the greatest people of our society. However, small acts of kindness as simple as talking over a manicure can make a gargantuan difference.

GlamourGals exposed me to [how to] physically help the elderly through meaningful conversations. The amount of stories and memories the elderly shared with me for the past three and a half years made my heart soar with agony. Ever since, I have spent countless hours trying to increase the members and activities in this wonderful organization.

I started off as a freshman only caring about academics, and am graduating as a well rounded senior who cares about the community as well. If I [don't] pursue a career that touches the hearts of people on some level, I won't feel the rush of exhilaration I feel in [volunteering with] the elderly.

- Fawzia, GG volunteer in Queens, NY &
Chapter Vice President Glammy Scholarship Award finalist