Embodying the GG Motto

Rachel Kim

Rachel Kim

Not one single makeover has ever failed to make my day a little bit - usually it's a lotta bit - better. Today was not an exception. It was the first of many trips to the senior home for the upcoming school year. Seeing new faces amidst familiar ones was a heart warming sight and an invitation for me to introduce myself (or re-introduce myself in some cases) to all of the ladies. The experience was altogether refreshing after these rough first couple of weeks of school.

A new friend I did make today was Ruth who was a World War II survivor. After I had painted her nails, she took me to a section of the room which showcased a picture of her and a small biography of her life. Being that this was the first makeover back, I was truthfully a tad nervous about painting nails again. But Ruth really did much to ease my tension. She made this about our conversation. She made this about the intimacy we were sharing. In her small words of encouragement to me, she embodied the GG motto and reminded me of what I had forgotten, that this was much more than a mere makeover.

I think our chapter leader, Rebecca, said it best when she affirmed today that the volunteers get back so much more than we give to these ladies. It is truly my pleasure to be a part of such a beautiful story. I excitedly await the year ahead.

-Rachel K., GG volunteer in Queens