"I've learned what it takes to become a leader."

I have volunteered for many things throughout high school, but GlamourGals is by far my favorite. It is great to see how many people are willing to take time out of their Sunday to make the residents happy. Nursing homes are not always a place the elderly want to stay. [My] grandma is now on her own at home [and] she isn’t quite ready to move into a nursing home. When I told her about GlamourGals she was so excited. The one thing she hopes for is that, when it is time for her to move, GlamourGals is still a program she can join. To know that one small thing, like volunteering to give makeovers, can change the perspective of how residents feel about being in a nursing home makes volunteering so much better. The greatest feeling in the world is knowing that I made someone's day better.

Being a public relations officer for GlamourGals, I've learned what it takes to become a leader. Being a volunteer is a great thing, but being a leader is even better. Being a leader means that I am setting an example for the people around me. I need to make sure I am always giving it my all when I volunteer, and that I show all the other volunteers how great it is to do what they're doing. Whenever I post things to Twitter or Instagram, I am spreading the joy of volunteering to others. At every makeover, I go around and capture all the happiness in the room. At a couple of the makeovers, we have brought silly hats, scarfs, and more so the residents can take crazy pictures with the volunteers. They love posing and showing off their freshly painted nails. 

I have always loved helping the elderly but volunteering for GlamourGals has showed me a different side of what it is like to [do so]. While volunteering for GlamourGals, I have helped many ladies with different reasons of why they are in the nursing home. Some are there because they had surgery, others are there because they have serious illnesses. I saw how hard it can be for someone living with a terrible disease like Alzheimer's. [During makeovers], I always helped a woman that had a hard time answering any questions I would ask her [such as] where she was from or how many kids she had. Whenever those kinds of questions would come up, I could see the frustration on her face every time she was unable to answer. I didn't realize how hard it would be to see someone struggle with these kinds of things. It made me so sad to see what she had to go through everyday.

I will see many things like this when I go into the medical field, [and] I have to know how to handle myself when these kinds of situations come up. Knowing how much I will be helping people by going into the medical field, even if it's just as simple as talking to them, makes me feel great.

- Ellie, GG volunteer in Ohio &
Chapter PR Officer Glammy Scholarship Award finalist