The Domino Effect: Bringing Everyone Together

Seniors and Volunteers Playing Dominos at a Makeover

Seniors and Volunteers Playing Dominos at a Makeover

“This month's makeover was a one of kind which brought many new volunteers eager to come.  After I finished painting nails, I thought it would be a fun idea to gather the seniors together to play dominoes. I taught one person how to play and some of the volunteers joined to play as well.

Usually, I would learn from my elders however, this time it was the opposite which made this makeover unique.

While we were playing, the woman kept asking if she could place a domino in a close end. During the end of the game, we changed the rules to let her win by allowing her to place a tile on side of two dominoes that were connected. We explained to her that she won.

"I won?" she said.

She clap her hands in excitement and was impressed that she won her first game! I asked another senior if he would like to play and he said "No, I'm too old to play". The woman who won believed that his excuse was unreasonable because she herself was 82 years old.

She said, "Im older than you and I still played!"

He said "I'm 88."

We all laughed together about the whole situation and started to play a new game with him before leaving. The woman said, "see your not too old to play!" This was by far the funnest makeover I have done, ending it with laughter and great memories with my friends and with the seniors.”

- Naomi Garcia, GG Volunteer from NY

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