Discovering Similarities

There are times that I struggle to open up a conversation with a senior because I am trying so hard to find something that both the senior and I have in common. Thinking about these things is a struggle and often makes me believe that maybe I don't have anything in common.

But today, while I was polishing Silvia's manicure at the senior home, I was once again reminded that we are not so different. Yes, there is the age gap. Yes, we come from a completely different ethnicity. Yes, her nails are so much prettier than mine. However, these things are superficial.

The moment Silvia started telling me about her high school days, about the times she had felt like schools can be prisons and the times she would always procrastinate and leave things till the last minute, I could not help saying "Me too!!" with so much excitement in my voice. While I was talking to her, it felt like she and I were close friends!

She truly understood my feelings as a senior in high school, and these moments that we click are indeed one of my major motivations that drive me to come to makeovers. I did not have to bother to think. All I had to do was to go ahead and simply have a conversation with a senior: a talk that will magically turn both of us into best friends filled with the excited child-like state of minds.

-Suin J., GG volunteer in Queens