Developing Confidence as a GG Leader

Today’s blog comes from Emily, the President of the GlamourGals chapter at Susan E. Wagner High School in Staten Island, as she shares what makes her feel confident and how being a GlamourGals leader has helped her develop her confidence.

Confidence was always something that I have never had enough of in myself because I am a self-conscious individual and I always doubt my capabilities. What makes me feel confident? Knowing that I know the answer to something, thinking of the people who always believe in me and push me to my hardest, thinking of my past achievements, and reading constant reminders of motivation that "I can do this". These factors help me gain confidence and reassure my abilities of success.

Emily introducing a speaker at GLTI 2018 in front of 200 guests.

Emily introducing a speaker at GLTI 2018 in front of 200 guests.

Glamour Gals has helped me a lot with my confidence, and although I still experience nerves with public speaking, my leadership role as President truly allows me to take a step up and improve my communication. I'm able to openly interact with the senior citizens and take charge with informing the volunteers of events and ideas. I have an improved my self-esteem by being a GlamourGals leader because I'm now able to really open up and maintain my responsibilities Having success in this and being able to make a difference gives me that additional boost of confidence.

Jessica Wallin