Deniz and Daisy

This week, we're sharing the amazing story of Tennessee volunteer Deniz and senior home resident, Daisy. These two formed a true connection!


Last Friday I met a lovely woman named Daisy, but she told me later her real name was Despina. She is 91, but was rocking some electric blue nails!

As I spent some time removing her previously painted blue polish, we got to talking, and she told me some really interesting things about her life as a professional violinist. First of all, her family is Greek but she was born and raised in San Francisco, and she grew up bilingual. This was super similar to my growing up: my family is Turkish but I grew up speaking both languages in the US. Then she described her violin-playing career, how she traveled all over the world performing and writing songs, including in Turkey. At first I was a bit timid about sharing that I was Turkish, since some Greeks and Turks still feel animosity over what happened 100 years ago, but she was very warm and told me only great things about her experiences in Turkey.

Then, she revealed that despite being married 3 times, her heart really wanted to go off with a sailor boy she met when she was 19. Hearing about her life, I found I could relate to a lot of what she was saying, like growing up playing music, being bilingual, having a romance with a sailor boy... As I filed and then painted her nails a lovely hue of pink, she kept thanking me and telling me how she hoped I would not forget her. I told her I could never, ever forget such a lovely human as she. It isn't everyday you bond so easily with someone.

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