Conversation With an English Teacher

This makeover was a little unique to me because I did not come with the friend that I always came with. It pushed me to get out of my comfort zone more and so I gave it a try. For the entire makeover, I sat with this wonderful lady who was once an English teacher. Her name was Gloria. Rather than makeovers, she seems to be more interested in conversing with me, as she barely paid much attention on what I was doing with her nails.

Conversations are things that I definitely value so much more than simple smiles and makeovers so this was great for me. Because she was an English teacher, we talked about books and our thoughts and judgement on that literature, based on the different history we had. I don't like to speak up during English class because I feel too exposed to share my opinions and perceptions on the books, characters, and the world. But speaking with Gloria about these things was different because it was more personal. She told me about classical books such as "The Scarlet Letter" and we spoke about identities.

She also told me how she likes to write her own poetry, which is something I struggle to find joy in, the most. Meeting her has changed my view on poetry a little, and encouraged me to think that poetry may not be such a bad means of communications after all. She told me about her frustrations with lack of people to speak with when she loves talking and I am glad that at least for those hours that I was with her, I was able to become a talking buddy for her. I wish I was a more helpful and useful person to more people who are in need of me for future makeovers!

- Suin J., GG volunteer in Queens