Making Connections in Connecticut

Our Connecticut College chapter had their first makeover in April; read on to see what the volunteers took away from the experience.

On Saturday, April 27th, we went to Beechwood Senior Citizen Home. At first, I was a little confused as to how to interact with the seniors who were not very responsive, but I kept pushing through. I did not want anyone to feel left out. As I kept painting their nails and completing puzzles with them, they became a bit more responsive and happy. I was able to learn and hear people's stories, as well as some Senior Home drama. I definitely want to go again! -Rosemely Lora


During my first GlamourGals experience, I painted bright pink nails for a woman named Edith and talked to her about her granddaughter who is a teacher. I also spoke with a man about his past experiences as a monk. I found it extremely interesting to talk to him because I have never met a monk before. Edith was very happy that I painted her nails, and she found it very relaxing. I had a great time talking to them both because I learned more about how to be empathetic and how to approach my GlamourGals experiences going forward.-Victoria Harrington

[I] witnessed how being pampered was not only fun for the seniors, but it was also theraputic.

I was nervous going into the first makeover. Although I knew that the makeup was just a social buffer and a tool for conversation, I was still worried about my abilities. I was nervous that it would be hard to make conversation or that the residents would not like the makeover I gave them. However, it felt very easy and natural. While the conversations I had with them weren't particularly deep, I realized that we didn't need to have deep conversations in order to foster companionship. Visiting Beechwood reaffirmed my passion for GlamourGals' mission and allowed me to witness how being pampered was not only fun for the seniors, but it was also therapeutic. A staff member told me that one of the residents would not have gotten out of bed had it not been for our event, and that was particularly moving for me. I am looking forward to going back again! -Samantha Barth


On Saturday, I participated in my first Glamour Gals makeover at Beechwood in New London. I was a little nervous before the makeover because I had never given someone else a makeover and I was unsure of what to expect. I am so glad that I went despite my nerves because my experience at Beechwood is invaluable. I gave a women with dementia a manicure, then sat and talked to her for a long while. It was so amazing getting to know her and spend time with her, especially since she reminded me a lot of my own grandmother. I am so happy that I am a part of GlamourGals, and I am so excited to participate in more makeovers in the future. -Charlotte D’inzeo