Christina Sookhoo: The Fireball


Christina Sookhoo is president and founder of the GlamourGals chapter at Benjamin N. Cardozo High School in Queens, NY. She’s pretty busy: applying for colleges, attending seminars and networking events, running a business and becoming a nutrition expert - and she’s 17 years old.

“I’m quite the fireball,” Christina says with a laugh. “As a young girl, I’ve got a lot of passion and a lot of power in and we’re not always the people that like to be told, ‘slow down.’”

Yet Christina finds that it’s through GG that she is able to take a step back and enjoy each moment with the seniors.

“I didn’t know how to slow down,” the high school senior explains. “When I go to a GlamourGals makeover, I can do something that’s not fast-paced or crazy and chaotic. I learned there are more elements to who I am and what I like.”

Talking to seniors fulfills that need to connect with someone new on a deeper level. This has made Christina realize that, as important as being a fireball is, that connection - to family and other loved ones - is paramount.

“Some of these women, they don’t get visitors,” Christina says about the seniors. “I realized I don’t want that to be me, in a sense. When it comes to me being a fireball, I really do need to focus on my family and on myself and enjoy what I have around me.”

Christina says she was overcome by emotion after her first GlamourGals makeover during her junior year, when she realized what an impact the event had on the seniors.

“The fact that women-to-women we can make them feel beautiful again, that’s the power a lot of people don’t have and GlamourGals gives that to you,” Christina says. “GG is like, ‘Here, you have the energy, you have the thrill in you to make somebody else feel wonderful.’ That is one of the greatest gifts I’ve gotten at GlamourGals.”

Written by Heather Furlow

Heather Furlow is the Program Writing Associate at GlamourGals Foundation, Inc.