"My GlamourGals experience has shown me that I have what it takes."

Discovering GlamourGals not only created an opportunity to get involved, but also to leave a legacy of service at Moorestown Friends School. As a Quaker school, their virtues are dedication to taking care of family, particularly the elderly, and they believe in the dignity of all people regardless of age. Our Glamour Chapter allows us to support the values of the larger Friends community.

First and foremost, I’ve gained patience through interactions with my peers as well as the seniors, and I’ve learned that there is a big difference between the title of leader and the practice of leadership. As a leader, I believe that nothing that I have done can be considered going above and beyond because I am supposed to do everything in my ability to make things run as smoothly as possible. Sometimes that meant acting as a volunteer and being an example to [our chapter's] underclassmen, instead of being stagnant in my role as president. Other times, it became my duty to take on the responsibilities of fellow officers when they were not available to complete a task.

Overall, my GlamourGals journey has given me as much as (if not more than) I have given into the effort. I am now confident that I am well prepared to make a significant contribution to the world at large, and impact the lives of individuals. My GlamourGals experience has shown me that I have what it takes to not only plan and organize activities, but also manage their execution from start to finish. While I had done volunteer service before GlamourGals, I had not been involved on such a level of leadership.

Being a GlamourGals volunteer has encouraged me to be creative in contributing to solutions for social issues. It has also allowed me to interact with a population that most people don't see on a regular basis. I have been inspired by the organization’s advocacy for the elderly, and as an aspiring filmmaker I see an opportunity for me to highlight the issues they face as well. As a result of GlamourGals, I am well-prepared to make an impactful contribution to whatever causes inspire me. My experience has led me to consider either starting my own nonprofit in the future.

-Chelsea, GG volunteer in New Jersey &
Chapter President Glammy Scholarship Award finalist