Carey in Queens, New York

This year is my last year as president. I remember walking around club fair my freshman year and my friend, Tyler, who's now treasurer of [of our chapter] forced me to join GlamourGals. I fell in love with this club somewhere during the first meeting I attended.

After the presidency of the club was passed onto me, I had no idea what I was doing. Now, I'm an experienced president and my chapter is the biggest it's been since my freshman year. I remember during club fair, we had over 200+ people. I remember being super excited and nervous for my first meeting. My chapter leaders and I expected 50 volunteers to show up; instead, almost 100 showed up. I'm so excited to show these new volunteers what they can do with their free time and how exciting it is to be able to put a smile on others. It excites me that I have a handful of volunteers that stayed since last year and even though they know the concept, they still get excited when they hear the words "family time" and "makeover."

I'm more than excited to pass down my position and I'm more than excited to start a new GlamourGals chapter at my future college, but the one thing I think I'll miss the most is my board members. The three other chapter leaders that have been through the most stressful times with me. I am forever grateful that I have Nicholas, Tyler, and Michelle by my side. Without them, I'd be a blob of stress and GlamourGals wouldn't be as fun. Without them, I wouldn't be the person I am today. These people are the friends that will stay by my side for life and I'm glad I met them through GlamourGals. They give me hope and that's the best thing anyone can give me.

I noticed that being a part of GlamourGals shows me new facts about myself that I haven't noticed before. I want to thank GlamourGals for giving me a purpose in high school and for giving me a place to feel like I'm welcome. 

-Carey, GG volunteer in Queens, New York