Carey Chi, Chapter President, Benjamin N. Cardozo High School

This month, the GlamourGals blog is featuring Glammy Scholarship Award finalists. Today, chapter president Carey talks about her special relationship with her grandmother, and what her leadership role has taught her. 

Caring, compassionate, fearless, and supportive. These are a few of the many traits I recall from my late great grandmother, Ava. I lost her when I was younger. With that being said, I never got a chance to give her makeovers, do her nails, or shower her with the love she deserved. She never got a chance to be pampered. By going to the nursing homes and giving these beautiful ladies makeovers and manicures along with a heart warming conversation is my way of honoring Ava. I've been involved in GlamourGals for four years now. In these four years, I've seen the way smiles illuminate their faces. Numerous residents have told us that our visits overjoy them. GlamourGals makes a difference in these delightful women’s lives because it brings them company and delight. It’s such an amazing opportunity to be involved in GlamourGals because everyone leaves the room feeling better than they did when they first came in knowing that we’re making a difference one makeover at a time.

At first, I used to think being a leader was effortless. I thought a leader was someone who tells others what to do and then expecting them to inspire themselves. That could not be more inaccurate. My former president passed the legacy of Cardozo's GlamourGals down to me during the end of my freshman year. Sophomore year was my first year as president. I struggled to keep the club alive due to lack of inspiration and motivation that the volunteers felt. In addition, within the club, there were many groups; no one talked to one another. I kept thinking of ways to create a feeling of family within the club. I tried ice breakers, group activities, and more but nothing worked. I soon realized that being a leader meant being consistent. Being a leader meant coming up with engaging new ideas to keep the inspiration there and to make everyone feel at home. One day, my treasurer and I were talking and we thought it’d be fun to go ice skating with the volunteers. That was our first outside GG event and it was a hit. We noticed how everyone that came talked to one another and everyone hit it off. That’s how we created GG Family Time.

GlamourGals has shaped me to become the person I am today. Before GlamourGals, I was shy, quiet, hesitant, etc. I have grown to become more vocal and confident. Being a leader has taught me how to be mature, patient, how to have compassion, and most importantly, how to put myself in other’s shoes so I can understand every individual better.

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