Capturing the moment with Bruce Cullen

Bruce Cullen has supported GlamourGals for many years by generously donating his time as a videographer for Signature GlamourGals Events, including the GlamourGals Scholarship Awards (GSA) and GlamourGals Leadership Training Institute (GLTI). Bruce has allowed GG to capture moments of inspiration and volunteer connections at our events.

Read more about Bruce's work in our interview below.

1. What do you love about being a videographer?
I love that I am so close to the action that I can FEEL the fun, the excitement, the emotion, and the music.  This happens all the time, and yet no one is even aware of my presence because of the calming, psychological effect of the Steadicam.  I am able to capture just about anything that is naturally happening without being at all disruptive.  Then with the editing I recreate the spirit of any event.

2. What is the most inspiring thing you have seen at a GG event?
The most inspiring thing I remember from a GlamourGals event was Lauren Berger [the Intern Queen] a couple years ago speaking about making the most of every situation.  Her stories and enthusiasm were captivating, and along with everyone else - she motivated ME, to always take the initiative and pursue my own dream job.


Knowing these young women will soon go out and face their own challenges, and in doing so they will change the world, fills me with hope for the future of all of us.


3. If you could video anything in the world, what would it be?
I've always wanted to film a wedding in Paris, France, and include the story of the couple leading up to it - relationship history, their travel and flights, days of preparation, day-after feelings.  I got hooked on destinations weddings with a well-known (in her country) bride in Lagos, Nigeria, and then an American couple from NYC who were married in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

4. What is one tip you would offer to someone who is interested in becoming a videographer?
My advice to any videographer/cinematographer is to ALWAYS have a passion for the work, and care enough about the event being filmed to capture the essence of it, so that the people involved can forever look back with fond memories of the wonderful emotions of the day. 

5. You have been involved in GG events for many years.  In what ways do you feel connected to the GG mission?
When I see and hear the featured speakers come in and share their powerful experiences in life with the volunteers, and when the volunteers talk about their heartwarming interactions with an older generation during makeovers, it all makes me smile inside.  Knowing these young women will soon go out and face their own challenges, and in doing so they will change the world, fills me with hope for the future of all of us.  I am sure that what they have learned during their time as GlamourGals will ensure they always do their best as leaders in their own chosen professions.  If my recordings of any of this is helpful in some small way to this remarkable development, then I am pleased and proud to be a supporter of the GlamourGals organization, its mission, and all the dedicated people involved.


Bruce Cullen is a videographer for Dream Images.  Watch Bruce's video on of a percussion band from Curaçao here.