Camille from Massachusetts

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The first [makeover of the school year] was relatively calm. Six residents came, and three of the six had a makeover done in addition to getting a manicure.

I first painted Agnes' nails a teal color which suited her very well and added a beautiful pop of color. Another resident had her nailed painted an absolutely gorgeous sparkly purple that was entirely alluring. She also had her makeup done and despite having her 89th birthday approaching in October she could have passed for 50! She even remarked that she came in one person and she left a whole different person!

The last resident who I gave a manicure was extremely nice and told me to "surprise [her]" with any color. She was very pleased with the shimmery pink I chose. During the makeover there was a pianist playing and the resident and I sung the chorus of "Can't Help Falling in Love with You" together; it was a rather sweet moment.

Maia and I agreed that either all the residents come or barely any come and today was a rather slow day which worked well because we didn't have many volunteers. Nonetheless, the ladies are always so kind and feel pampered and beautiful, which always puts a smile on my face. Showing them the final result in the little mirror provides infinite satisfaction!

-Camille, GG volunteer in Massachusetts