Camille from Massachusetts

This journal was written by Camille, president of her Massachusetts GlamourGals chapter. We are so proud to share Camille's good news, and the ways that her GlamourGals experience has helped shape her future plans. Congratulations, Camille!

In my previous journal I had mentioned how I would LOVE to be admitted to USC in order to take part in their Glamour Gals chapter.

Guess what?

On Saturday I received my admissions packet. I could not be any more exhilarated about the opportunities awaiting me as I begin my college career. Although I am still waiting to view the financial package and have to consider other schools, I really hope to be enrolled at USC in the fall. It has been a goal of mine to both move back to California for college and to continue my service to GG.

I would like to thank the GG community and the ladies at my school who introduced me to this wonderful organization. This great, two-year experience has made me who I am today and will definitely continue to mold my outlook on life. 
I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to continue to do what makes me feel whole at USC. I hope that I have inspired other individuals to let their passions drive them and to live true to themselves.

Even more exciting- I plan to minor in Spanish so that I can communicate with a host of new individuals, including those in rest homes. Considering L.A. has such a prominent Hispanic influence, I hope that my proficiency/fluency in the Spanish language will accommodate many of the Spanish-speaking residents.

There is a resident I have previously spoken about from my chapter, Vashti, who solely speaks Hindi. Not knowing what she is saying while we're interacting sometimes saddens me. Still, there is such a deep connection between us in the moments while she is sitting in her wheelchair admiring the vibrant colors I apply to her nails. To understand Vashti would be AMAZING!

To interact with individuals in a way that may have been unimaginable before (due to language barriers or extreme cultural differences) is what drives my passion for Spanish. Language barriers rob us from experiencing the world to its full extent. I want to understand, laugh with, and indulge in friendships with as many individuals and residents that I can!

Jessica Wallin