Bringing Joy at Our First Makeover

Jacqueline Kerlin at Holy Cross

Jacqueline Kerlin at Holy Cross

Yesterday, my GlamourGals chapter had our first makeover session. During my time there, Andrea and I gave a manicure to a lady named Colleen. She has dementia and struggles daily to remember things and do simple tasks. Luckily, she has her husband, Jack, living in the center with her - even though he does not need to be in memory care.

Jack was encouraging to his wife, saying that, "she looks beautiful now," but that we were "going to make her look even more beautiful." I learned that they have been married for 58 years, which is incredible to me because you could really see the love that they still had for each other after all of these years.

After we finished her nails, she showed them to her husband. Jack was so enthralled with her, and she was, in turn, so happy that he liked them. He told me that their grandchildren were visiting them later that day, and that they would have to show off her manicure to them.

I loved seeing something so small, that I do every few days for myself, bring such joy into their lives. Every lady that we helped was always so shocked when we told them that it was a free manicure. One lady even told us that it was "the highlight of her day." I am so glad that I was able to be the advocate for something so special to her. I can't wait to visit the center again soon!

- Jacqueline K., GG volunteer in Maryland