Daily Report + Brightening Up Someone's Day

Every day, the senior home my GG chapter visits has a daily report where they not only list all the activities of the day, but they also talk about one famous person from a long time ago. Every time we go, I always make sure I pick one up and read about the person. I never know who it is. The cool part is, when I ask one of the ladies who it is, they immediately know.

It brings them back to when they were young and they tell me all these stories about the actor or singer and what they thought of them. It amazes me how the stories seem to parallel the stories of actors and musicians now and how they obsessed and crushed over some of them is similar to how my friends and I obsess and crush over some of the actors or musicians today.


At another makeover, I met a woman who was recovering from knee surgery. She told me how she had to remove her nail polish for the surgery and that this was the first time in a while where her nails were bare.

After I painted her nails a beautiful white color, she thanked me for making her feel better and bringing her back to normalcy. That is what this organization and our chapter is about. We take the time out of our lives to brighten others days and make them happy. Their happiness makes us happy.

-Sonika V., GG volunteer in New Jersey