Blog : Meet GG Supporter, Vashti Barran


Vashti Barran is a long-time GlamourGals volunteer. She began her GG journey as a high school sophomore, joined the GG Alumni Council after graduation, founded the first chapter at Hunter College, and was a GG Correspondent this past summer.

Vashti is currently spearheading the November GlamourGals Leadership Training Institute (GLTI) as the Coordinator of Programs. She has a real passion for the GLTI and its role in empowering the volunteers that attend.

"I am very attached to the event," Vashti explained. "I really care about how it turns out. When I'm planning it, or helping to plan it, I try to imagine myself four years ago, as a high school girl, going to this event in the city for one day. I imagine what I would want to take away or get back from the event."

It's important to Vashti that this day, filled with ice-breaker exercises, workshops, and speeches from numerous professionals is action-packed for the volunteers, from beginning to end. She brings a unique perspective to her role, since she has attended the GLTI as a volunteer and an alumna in the past.

GlamourGals' Vice President, Kavita Mehra, witnessed firsthand Vashti's hard work and enthusiasm for the GLTI, even after her Summer GG Correspondent position ended.

"Vashti was an incredible member of the GlamourGals team this past summer," Kavita said. "She really took ownership over the project and almost made it her baby. She is playing an integral role and what she's laid out for the day has made it so exciting."

The GG Team is incredibly appreciative of Vashti's support over the years and her dedication to inspire volunteers.

"At the end of the day, if we didn't have our volunteers, we wouldn't have our program," Vashti said. "This is a day where we really invest in them and make them feel like the superstars that they are.