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Tammy Tran, Where Is She Now? April, 2013

Each week, 1600 GlamourGals volunteers go out and devote their time to providing companionship to the elderly living in senior homes. These volunteers are the heart and soul of GlamourGals and we are so proud of all the work that they do. GG President, Tammy Tran is a junior at Lawrence University in Wisconsin and has been with the program since she was in high school. I recently caught up with Tammy to discuss what GlamourGals has meant to her.

You were just 14 when you started with GG and now you’re 20. How has your experience influenced you as a person?

As a volunteer for 6 years now, GlamourGals has played a huge part in my life growing up.  My experiences have helped me to embrace and stand for being a compassionate, powerful and inspiring woman. The elderly women I have met through Glamour Gals have taught me to thank, respect and love the women in my life who have  way.

What do you think the greatest benefits of being a GlamourGals volunteer are? 

Something genuinely magical happens at each GlamourGals makeover.

While volunteering my time, I am granted the opportunity to learn more about myself. Like many young adults, these past few years are filled with questions. What does it really mean to be a woman and to own it? When others tell you image does matter, how do I embrace my inner beauty to the fullest? Having the chance to sit down with the elderly women we serve and to listen and engage in conversation does wonders for the minds and souls of everyone involved. I have heard stories from elderly women through GlamourGals that have changed, inspired and touched me and I have also heard ones that have made me laugh or have made me cry. The greatest benefit of being a GlamourGals volunteer is connecting with others on that genuine level.

What advice would you share with other GG leadership and volunteers?

Volunteering is a two way street. While serving your community, always challenge yourself to learn more and to do more. At the same time, take time and energy to view each GlamourGals makeover as a new learning and growing experience. And always try to have fun!

- Heather Furlow, Program Writing Associate

Rachel Doyle