A Different Perspective

A Different Perspective: Q&A with Tammy Marshall from Maple Pointe Assisted Living March 6, 2014

Tammy Marshall is the executive director of the Maple Pointe Assisted Living facility in Rockville Centre, NY, which is visited by the South Side High School GlamourGals chapter. Tammy sees the effect the girls have firsthand. She hears the excitement in the seniors’ conversations the morning before the makeover and it remains long after the girls have packed up their nail polish, lipstick and blush for the day.

How do the seniors at Maple Pointe feel about the makeovers?

My ladies plan far in advance for the GlamourGals visit. They have asked us to reschedule their [doctor’s] appointments so that they don't lose out on any time with the girls. They have even asked family members to finish up with their visit so that they don't miss out on the GG opportunity that day.

How do the seniors react when the girls visit?

The women are lit up before the arrival. The excitement begins with discussions during the breakfast meal and continues until their visit. The enthusiasm and energy in the building is definitely evident and I have never seen a resident say "GlamourGals" without a huge smile. It's like a magic word!

How do the girls and women relate to one another?

Walk past any table during a makeover and you will catch the girls and our residents engaged in lively, interesting conversations. They discuss their families, their lives, careers… the list is endless and the girls are skilled at relating to another generation.

- Interview by Eghosa Asemota, Program Associate.

Rachel Doyle