Stephanie Azzopardi - Glammy award winner


"Be Bold and Have the Courage to Try” February 2, 2014

Stephanie Azzopardi attended her first makeover when she was 13 years old as a middle-school volunteer for the Susan E. Wagner chapter in Staten Island, New York. She was at an especially young age for a GlamourGals volunteer, since the majority of our chapters are founded in high school. Stephanie had always kept to herself and wasn’t very outgoing. There she was, facing this new experience, unsure of whether she would do a good job painting the nails of a stranger or what she and that stranger, an elderly woman, could possibly talk about. She was surrounded by peers from her school that she didn’t know very well, but wanted to be closer to.

“I was not confident, but I dared to try... my manicure and my makeover were kind of sloppy (laughs),” she said during her speech at the 2013 GLTI, a fall leadership conference that focuses on inspiring volunteers in their service.

Stephanie shared a quote from French philosopher Voltaire in her speech: “Speak thy thoughts. Declare bold the truth thou hast that all may share. Be bold. Proclaim it everywhere. They only live who dare.” She said that by daring to attend her first makeover, and then to keep at it, she grew bolder and more comfortable with herself.

“Every interaction built my confidence and soon enough I found the courage to apply for the Daniel and Lucille Valerio Outstanding Volunteer Scholarship,” Stephanie said.

In 2012, she received the Lucille and Daniel Valerio Award and today she is a member of the Hunter College GlamourGals chapter.

The bonds she created with the elderly in her community, and with other members of her chapter, gave Stephanie the confidence to believe in herself, apply for scholarships (and win!) and speak about her story at events like the GLTI. Stephanie challenges other volunteers to “believe in yourself,” whether it’s going to a makeover or applying for GG scholarships. She proves the journey to being bolder starts with the courage to try.

— Heather Furlow, Program Writing Associate

Rachel Doyle