Social Media Mavens



Looking for ways to recruit more members to your GG Chapter? Two chapters leaders from the Cinnaminson High School GlamourGals chapter, in Cinnaminson, NJ, have been super creative with how they spread the news for upcoming makeovers and meetings. They rely primarily on Twitter and Instagram!

When Carolyn Bresnahan, the president of the Cinnaminson chapter, first heard about GG, it was this past summer at a HOBY event. She couldn’t wait to start a chapter of her own, and she asked her friend, Andi Odjemski, to be the co-president. Then, it was up to Carolyn to get other students at her school interested in joining GG, so she turned to Facebook. But she found that not many people from her school responded to her Facebook status, so she took a picture of her status, and posted that to Instagram and she got tons of comments and people showing interest.

“I was like, ‘Well, actually now that I think about it, nobody really goes on Facebook anymore that’s in my grade or in my school, besides a couple people,’” Carolyn explained. “So I got three people responding on Facebook. But that’s about it. That’s why, after I posted it, I realized maybe I should put it on Instagram and see who actually responds.”

Carolyn and Andi also use Twitter and emails to send reminders and updates to girls in their chapter before and after meetings. They’ve found that other students are more inclined to respond to a Tweet, then listen to the morning announcements that are broadcasted over the school.

“I sent out a huge email that said, ‘If you didn’t make it to the meeting, this is what’s going on,’” Carolyn said. “I had several people email me back. So I just found social media and the internet definitely a lot easier than doing things through school [announcements].