Ohio State University holds fundraising social


Ohio State University holds fundraising social January 5, 2014

Early this past spring, the GlamourGals' chapter at Ohio State University held a fundraising social. They rented a bar on campus, and charged a small fee for admittance. GG volunteers, friends, and parents all showed up to support the chapter for their service, and over 50 people attended. As a result, the volunteers raised over $500 towards furthering the mission of GlamourGals.

In the words of chapter president, Kirsten Mullins, a senior this year at OSU, "GlamourGals is so important to me. You need something in our hectic lives that makes you more grounded and this is it for me. There are hundred of organizations that gear toward kids and other clusters of people which is great but GlamourGals targets a group that I think is neglected! Its really nice to give back to someone who has shaped the way our generation lives today!" -- Heather Furlow

Rachel Doyle