Where is she now? Mckenna Shirey


Take a look at what our past GG volunteer and team leader, McKenna Shirey, is up to after graduating from high school in June 2013!

Her GG History: McKenna became a GlamourGals volunteer in 9th grade and was president of the Mechanicsburg chapter her junior and senior years in high school in Mechanicsburg, Penn. She came up with unique themes, like having a “Christmas Tea” makeover, where the girls in her chapter brought their moms along for the day. She was also instrumental in increasing the amount of girls in her chapter after the majority had graduated when she was a sophomore.

Where is she now? McKenna is a freshman majoring in accounting at Virginia Tech. Being away at school wasn’t so easy for her at first.

“I didn’t really know anybody at the beginning of college,” she said. “So it was a fresh start.”

How she’s using the skills she gained from GG: Last summer, McKenna had an internship in Pennsylvania and she found that the people-skills she had honed through attending makeovers and conversing with the seniors greatly helped her there.

“GlamourGals increased my self-confidence and leadership ability, encouraging me to branch out and explore new opportunities,” McKenna said. “Because GG gave me the chance to serve elderly ladies, I became confident and competent enough to work with other adults and professionals.”

Her favorite senior moment: It’s a senior named Lois who McKenna always thinks of when she reflects on ladies she connected with at makeovers. Lois had been an accountant, a job McKenna was looking to pursue.

“Lois gave me a lot of insight into what it was like to have a career, and the regrets she had with that career and the rest of her life,” McKenna said. “That gave me some perspective on what I want in life.”

Her advice to other GG volunteers: “GlamourGals is a really cool organization,” said McKenna. “It helps you in all areas of life. I learned how to talk to people, like my peers, as well as older women and also communicate with the GlamourGals staff and teachers. I learned about networking and how important that is. It taught me to care about other people and not just worry about myself, to put others first, it emphasized that in my life. And if I could do it over again, I would. I would join again.”