March 2014


I want you to meet Mrs. Green, one of 3.3 million elderly people who live in the nation's nearly 16,000 nursing homes.

50% of this population does not have a relative within regular-visiting distance. Each week they break that isolation with visits that bring conversation, color, and embrace to women like Mrs. Green.

During the month of March, our volunteers are sharing how GlamourGals is not just nice but necessary. Join them in sharing the need and impact of our program.  

Tweet: 50% of nursing home residents do not have a relative within distance to visit them. @GlamourGals changes that. #forthe3 #ggawareness

Paint your nails hot pink. Get creative and make a statement. Paint just three of your nails hot pink and throw them up for the camera. Instagram @_glamourgals #forthe3 #ggawareness

As Mrs. Green shared, "It means that we're still considered as individuals, as people...still knowing that someone cares about us."

I hope that you show Mrs. Green that you care too.

With a hot pink seal,

Rachel Doyle Founder & President @GGFounder - CHECK OUT MY HOT PINK NAILS.

GG NationalRachel Doyle