From Ohio to New York: The Cross-Country Dedication of a GG Chapter President

OSU chapter president Kirsten Mullins (center) with two volunteers
OSU chapter president Kirsten Mullins (center) with two volunteers

Kirsten Mullins is the creator of one of our eight GlamourGals college chapters (out of 71 chapters total). She plans to attend the June 7th Glammy Scholarship Awards (GSA’s), on her own budget, flying from Ohio to New York City.

A senior at Ohio State University, Kirsten has raised an unusually large amount at fundraisers two years in a row - both times over $500. Before the fundraiser, she polled the volunteers in her chapter to see how they would like to fundraise and they agreed on hosting a night at a local bar. Volunteers sold tickets to their friends, who then received drink specials. The event was held to benefit GG’s “For the 3” campaign, which honors the 3.3 million elderly people living in senior homes today.

“Making the women’s days when we go and give them makeovers, it’s really humbling, it makes you really grounded,” Kirsten says. “I just love doing it. Starting something like this takes a lot of effort and involvement when you’re in school and involved in other things and handling jobs, but it really helps you become a well-rounded person.”

Jeanenne La Bella, GlamourGals' event coordinator, was especially moved by Kirsten’s dedication.

“Kirsten and the volunteers at OSU have really inspired the GlamourGals staff,” Jeanenne says. “The amount of time and dedication they put into our organization is awe-inspiring. We are so excited to welcome Kirsten to the GSA's, and hope that she inspires some of our high school volunteers to continue their work during their college years.”

Kirsten also hosted a joint makeover with a nearby high school chapter over the 2013 holiday season. This was a favorite GlamourGals moment for her - bonding with local teens over their experiences and bringing two groups together to support another senior home in the Ohio area.

“Being a part of GlamourGals really helps you open your eyes,” she says. “Sometimes when you’re in college and you’re 21 years old, you need to think outside of yourself. GG helps you branch out and realize that there are so many other things than just yourself. Especially when you’re helping a generation who has been involved with shaping who we are today.”

The GlamourGals team is thrilled Kirsten is making a special effort to attend the GSA’s. She is an example to all volunteers that they can continue to build their skills with GlamourGals and make a difference in the lives of the elderly as they start college.