One Person Can Make A Difference

Kayla won The Glammy Scholarship Award in the chapter president category last year, when she was a senior at Newfield High School in Selden, NY.Where is she now? Kayla is a freshman and biology major at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, NJ. After graduating, she wants to get her Pharm.D. and become a pharmacist. Kayla has planned on working in the medical field since 8th grade.

Her public speaking advice for the 2014 winners: “Just be honest,” Kayla says. “When you speak about what’s real and when you speak about what’s honest, it just comes right out. There’s no hesitation, you don’t have to over think. When you talk from the heart, you wind up impressing people, no matter what you say.”

A different perspective: From her experiences at makeovers, Kayla learned to communicate more effectively and really listen to the seniors she interacted with. GlamourGals enabled her to “see things through their eyes, to acknowledge their perspective on life.”

One person can make a difference: “GlamourGals changed my entire mindset and view of myself,” she says. “I went through high school thinking I am just one person and that I can’t change the world. Never was I really happy myself. When I joined GlamourGals, I realized I was actually an important person. My existence played a key part in making somebody else’s day brighter and making somebody else happy.”