Blog - Julia 2013

“I Believe No One Should Be Alone," Julia May, 2013

I truly hope my leadership in Glamour Gals has instilled inspiration and passion in the volunteers. I can only hope that through the makeovers and events I have set up that they have developed a passion for interacting and spending time with the elderly. It is such an important relationship to have. There is so much to learn from the elderly. They are so wise and have so much wisdom and knowledge to offer us and Glamour Gals offers the opportunity to absorb all this while having a great time and putting smiles on the residents faces. I believe my leadership has also impacted my chapter through the consistency of our makeovers. The girls know that every month there will be a makeover. This is not a big commitment and its something to look forward to which gives the girls the motivation to attend the makeovers. I hope these girls understand what they are truly doing for the residents. Its not about the makeovers that's just an added bonus to the conversations and the bonds that are formed between the residents and the volunteers. I hope my leadership has showed the girls what glamour gals is all about, personal relationships and bonds that will last and benefit both the elderly and the young.

Glamour Gals is important to me because I have always been passionate about interacting and caring for others. As people grow older they often lose a lot of the people they were close to and become alone. Glamour gals gives the elderly a chance to form new bonds and relationships with people who care. Not only do the elderly have someone to share good times with but the volunteers have someone to gain wisdom from and the opportunity to make someone happy. Glamour Gals is so important to me because I believe no one should be alone, there is always someone who wants to be there for you. GG just gives those people the chance and motivation to get out there. It is also very important to my community because communities started with the older generations. This is our chance to give back to the community in a fun and selfless way. The elderly have so much to offer us and we have compassion to offer them.

Rachel Doyle