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Behind For the 3 Campaign March 26, 2014

Bringing awareness to the isolation felt by the elderly in senior homes

In honor of the 3.3 million elderly people living in senior homes, as reported by U.S. News and World Report, the GlamourGals Foundation launched the “For the 3” campaign this March to raise awareness for elder loneliness.

It is widely recognized that senior home residents suffer from lack of social contact, with little to no visitors. A recent study by the University College London concluded that not just social contact, but physical contact also plays a huge role in an elderly person’s well-being. This is why GlamourGals is a necessity.

GlamourGals works to deter the effects of isolation on seniors: our volunteers fill their local nursing homes with laughter and conversation. When a GlamourGals chapter arrives to host a makeover, the impact comes down to something very simple: making sure the senior feels important — by holding their hand, painting their nails or giving them a hug. The seniors’ social network increases and they also take part in warm interactions with the teen girls - many who come to know each other on a first name basis.

In the University College London study, the most socially isolated seniors were 26 percent more likely to die during the eight year study period than those with the most social lives, despite control factors like age and illness. With 133,400 volunteer hours achieved since 2000, GlamourGals continues to work to improve the well-being of seniors. The “For the 3” campaign aims to remind seniors that a nationwide effort to end their loneliness exists and that they are not forgotten.

-by Heather Furlow

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