An Extraordinary GlamourGals Volunteer: Daniel Pottinger

An Extraordinary GlamourGals Volunteer: Daniel Pottinger February 13, 2014

There are 1,456 GlamourGals volunteers across the country, and one percent of them are male. Part of that one percent - about 15 volunteers - is Daniel Pottinger, a high school senior, who has volunteered for the Benjamin N. Cardozo chapter in Queens, NY, since 2012. Despite his busy schedule of sports, school work, college applications and running his businesses (he is a budding teen entrepreneur!), he decided to join GG and attend his first makeover.

The days leading up to that first makeover, Daniel was nervous. He felt he needed to prepare himself for the event. It wasn’t being around the elderly that made him nervous. In fact, Daniel has a natural inclination towards seniors, because of his grandmother. She passed away at 86, when he was a freshman in high school. He had a rare relationship with her. He says he could talk to her about anything, no matter what it was, and not be afraid of her reaction, or that she would judge him.

“Whenever I would go to visit [my grandmother], I would always do everything for her, without even thinking twice,” he explains. “She would tell me so many different stories about growing up, her childhood, her experiences. It would always be something that showed me a life lesson: how to be a young man, how to do things just because it’s right, not because you’re getting something out of it.”

Joining GG was a way for Daniel to continue interacting with the elderly and still learn from their “experience and knowledge,” he says. He joined the chapter, attended fundraising events and decided to go to his first makeover.


It was then that he realized what he needed to prepare for: how to give a manicure!

“I remember the days leading up, I was so nervous. I actually YouTubed [how to give a manicure], just because I didn’t want to mess up,” he admits. “These ladies have been doing their nails for, how many years now? So, it has to be perfect, especially being a guy. It was like, ok, I don’t want to mess up, I’ve got to represent the guy population and say we can do this as a whole.”

Daniel saw it as a challenge and he armed himself with information so that he was ready to give the best manicure he could. Since then, Daniel has encouraged several of his male friends to join GlamourGals. He goodnaturedly explains that other students - guys especially - sometimes give him a hard time about being in GlamourGals, saying he should be in a video game club instead. He explains to them the mission of GlamourGals - and that it’s about making a difference in people’s lives.

“It’s really to not be ignorant and to show [other guys] this is something different,” Daniel says. “This is how you can give back and have fun. This is how you can make a difference. So it’s about being open-minded and just knowing that someone is going to benefit from something so small. This is where the little things count.”

Today Daniel is busy applying for colleges and keeping up with his packed schedule. His business, Elite Entertainment, finds safe places in New York City for teens to hang out, have fun, dance and talk. He says that the business is doing so well, that he is now in charge of planning his senior prom.

We are thrilled to have an extraordinary teen like Daniel volunteering for GlamourGals. Look for more quotes from Daniel, coming soon, and our “Extraordinary Volunteer of the Month” for March, all part of our brand new website and blog series!

Rachel Doyle